Top 10 Highly Paid Professions in Ukraine

Are you try to choose the best professional for your young kids? Here are top 10 Highly Paid Professions in Ukraine, you should consider.

1- IT developer

An IT developer is someone who is responsible for the development of software and hardware. They are responsible for designing, programming, testing and debugging software. They also design and develop computer hardware like laptops, desktops etc.

The responsibilities of an IT developer include:


it developer jobs in ukraine

- Developing new computer software or hardware

- Designing new programs

- Testing new programs

- Debugging old programs

- Providing technical support to other IT staff members

On average, they receive from 45,000 UAH.


 Dentistry is a medical field that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity, maxillofacial area and adjacent structures.

Dentists diagnose patients by talking to them about their dental history and taking x-rays or other diagnostic images. They may also take impressions of the teeth for study models or to make dental appliances like dentures or retainers.

dentist jobs in ukraine

They have a lot of responsibility. They need to make sure that patients are comfortable and that they don't feel any pain. They also need to make sure that they are doing their job correctly in order to prevent any future dental problems.

The average salary in Ukraine, according to various estimates, is 20,000-23,000 UAH. Some private clinics offer 50,000-80,000 UAH.

3- Aviation officer

An aviation officer is a military officer who handles the operation of aircraft. The aviation officers are primarily responsible for operating and maintaining aircrafts. The aviation officers also handle the safety and security of the aircrafts, passengers, and cargo.

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The main responsibilities of an aviation officer in Ukraine are:

-To take care of the safety and security of passengers, cargo, and aircrafts

-To operate or maintain aircrafts

-To ensure that the flight is carried out according to prescribed procedures

-To ensure that all regulations related to air navigations are followed

The median salary for a pilot is 35,000 UAH, for a flight attendant—50,000 UAH.

4-Media Buyer

Media buyers are the people who make decisions about where and when to buy ads for a company. They work with advertising agencies and ad networks to ensure that their company's ads are seen by the right audience.

In Ukraine, Media buyers are responsible for different types of advertising campaigns. They can be involved in the planning and buying of TV, radio, print or digital media. They also help advertisers with their budgeting and negotiations with media outlets.

In Ukraine, media buyers work with TV channels and radio stations to buy airtime for clients. They also work with digital marketing agencies to create advertising campaigns on social networks like Facebook or Instagram.

The median for a media buyer in Ukraine is 30,000-40,000 UAH, and in Kyiv their salary can reach 49,000 UAH and above.

5. Commercial Director (Chief Commercial Officer)

Commercial Directors are responsible for the success of a business. They are in charge of the commercial aspects of a company, such as marketing and sales.

They typically work with their marketing team to create new products and services that will sell well. They also need to make sure that they have a good understanding of their market, so they can better understand what customers want and need.

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The salary is 30,000 and more.

6- National Manager

The responsibilities of a National manager are to develop the company's market strategies, oversee the company's operations and allocating resources.

A National manager is responsible for developing the company’s market strategy, overseeing the company’s operations and allocating resources.The average salary in Ukraine is 30,000 UAH.

7- Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer is the executive of an organization who is responsible for managing the finances of the company.

He is accountable for the company’s financial performance and risk management.

He also oversees day-to-day operations, including overseeing budgets, cash flow and capital expenditures.

The CFO may also be in charge of tax planning, budgeting and forecasting, investor relations and other important financial matters. Median salary of CFO of 29,000 UAH.

8-Stock broker

A stock broker is a person who deals in stocks and other securities. This professional is usually a licensed professional who advises clients on investments and provides them with brokerage services.

A stock broker's responsibilities are to:

- Provide investment advice to clients based on the client's requirements and risk tolerance.

- Research stocks and other securities for potential purchase or sale, including advising the client on which securities to buy or sell.

- Invest the client's money in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), options, futures contracts and other securities.

- Negotiate trades between buyers and sellers of stocks or other security transactions.

- Keep records of trades made for the client.

The median salary for stock broker is 30,000 UAH.


A trader is a person who buys and sells goods, securities, or other financial instruments in order to speculate on price movements.

The trader’s responsibilities involve assessing the market and the risks involved in different trading strategies, such as going long or short. They also have to conduct research on the different goods that are traded and find out about their prices.

They also have to manage their risk by setting stop-loss orders, which are orders that sell stocks at a certain price point in order to limit losses if the stock price falls.

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Median salary of a trader is 30,000 UAH.


A builder is a person who works with different materials to create a structure or building. In the UK, builders are qualified professionals with years of experience in the field.

In Ukraine, builders are not as specialized as their counterparts in the UK. They might be called upon to do many different jobs on a construction site and often have less training than builders in the UK.They are in charge of building houses, buildings, bridges and other structures. They are responsible for the design and construction of these structures.

Builders in Ukraine usually have a high school diploma or a vocational training certificate. The most common professions include plumbers, carpenters, electricians, bricklayers, painters and builders.

The average salary in Ukraine is 20,000-50,000 UAH

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